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I knew them; bunch of clean shaven, well kept, intelligent guys. Chris stood tallest of the squad, fair and blessed with graceful strides, Marcus kept an Afro, a smooth talker with a sweet demeanor, Wesley had a face sculpted with finesse and a build that was gold. They had all been admitted to study medicine, their embers burning with passion for it. They crossed the first hurdle, successfully scaling the rigors of preliminary year. The second beckoned to them with arms wide open, like a mother, her beloved child. But, a mean devil hung around the corner, disguised in a fancy dress and slowly crept in for the kill.

The session began; hopes high, lectures and books requiring retention. But their attention became shared now, divided between good and ugly, nice and vice.

An introduction to weed polluted their aspirations and took away the need for study; corrupted the seed of excellence. Gradually the weight shifted, the balance toppled. They diversified, trying their hands on other bands of drugs, their leisure given to dangerous pleasure grades began to sink in a blink, erstwhile good results now a stink

There were warnings but they were never heeded and so it came crashing down in the end fate offered no mercies, the gate to a life of influence in the medical field shut on them. They were kicked out that session, forced to bow out in shame. I hope they did learn but I never know cause I never did see them again.

Yet another sad tale of lofty aspirations wasted, drama capable of making the face pale This is not for laughs; for this is a true story; no goofs or gaffes. High rise dreams are cut short like beams on a tower by drugs and its alarming power.

Let’s rise up and spread the word for our young ones to wise up.
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Imieni Odijie
Imieni Odijie
(IT Consultant for VGADA)

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